This Girl Can Registration Form

  • This Girl Can – Victoria is here to celebrate and support Victorian women (yep, you!) embracing physical activity. Whether it’s a little or a lot, what matters is getting some movement into your day.

    Why? Victorian women have told us that a big part of not trying new activities or getting involved in sport is a fear of being judged, or not being fit enough to start. Not to mention, twice as many women than men put off getting active because they’re worried about what other people think – how unfair is that? Sports, gyms and moving your body are for everybody (literally, everybody).

    City of Greater Dandenong is running female-only physical activities across the month of March, to provide a fun, supportive and judgement-free environment to get more women moving.

  • What's on offer?

    Below are two great sports for you to try. Pick the sport/s you like, and the dates and times will appear. You can come to as many sessions as you like, just tick the boxes you would like to attend.
    Ross Reserve, Memorial Drive, Noble Park
    JC Mills Reserve, Cleeland Street, Dandenong
  • About you

    We will need a few details about you so we can keep in contact.